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The Common Sense of it all!

IMG_4777I love just how transformational a yoga practice is!  You feel this sense of empowerment that just flows out of every pore of your body. Well, out of every facet of your life to be quite honest!

The practice itself strengthens your body, soothes your nervous system, and focuses your mental chatter. But, seriously, the most powerful change comes from when you have an epiphany you can do something you thought you could never do!

Let’s take a for instance, side planks.  From modified to full on vasisthasana!  Or, even playing with different variations of  it like Kasyapasana, (a half lotus component).  Start by using a wall, or the support of the floor.  Use good common sense, no competition, and that there is no deadline, only forever!!

But here is a truth.  The process of transformation is truly stepping back first, before going forward, taking a breath, and piecing together a challenging pose.  These poses may or may not come easily and may seem out of reach, but be patient and break them down.  Precept upon precept and line upon line!

I LOVE Yoga Journal and their master classes offered!   Take time to study it out and brighten your attitude!  You CAN do it!


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