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Staying on Track while on Vacation!

Staying on track while on vacation!
May 21, 2010
When is vacation easy to stay on track with your routine of good healthy eating and exercise? You want to have fun and not e too strict, but you also don’t want to fall off the wagon and destroy all you have done! You know you LOVE the results you have been getting, but now here comes a wonderful opportunity to go on a vacation!
Well, I say, go and have a fun time but make sure you EXERCISE! Even if you overindulge a litle you can hold off weight gain by exerising daily. Eat the foods you want, but just have a bite of cake, avoid eating the whole slice. Then you aren’t feeling deprived. In other words don’t waste your calories on some high caloric food when you can enjoy new tasteful experiences in those new exotic places you are visiting! Think of your calories as an allowance. You can spend them on things that are really worth it and save on those things you don’t really need!
When you return hop right back on your program and keep your goals in sight!!

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