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Why Pilates and fewer repetitions.

pilates-ball-exercise-19475061Why the fewer repetitions in Pilates?
Pilates quite often referred to the topic of doing fewer repetitions as opposed to many repetitions in his book! He called it “mindless repetitions”. Makes a lot of sense if you ask me.
He believed that his method was not a fatiguing system of dull, boring exercises like crunches repeated day in and day out! He believed in stay purposed, concentrated, and total body wholly involved AS you perform each exercise.
The key? Keeping the demands made on your mind, not your body. Of course, your body is able to repeat and repeat each movement many times over and over again. Yet, it is very difficult to keep the focus of the mind engaged. In fact, Pilates believes that the mind is where most of the profound changes occur.
Take a moment and think about a marathon competitor or any ultra endurance sport, they are so challenging because it is highly repetitious and grueling, yet the mental demands are even higher.
As we go to the more intermediate and advanced exercises in Pilates, I am teaching approximately 6-8 good reps and stay fully invested in all the alignment principles and mental endurance. But it is hard to perform that many on each side well, because we often times lose the precision, flow, concentration and every other principle of Pilates. So pay close attention to how well you are executing each exercise before you progress.
Undoubtedly, teaching Pilates or pilates based classes is very unique among the fitness classes and I love it! I hope you do too!

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