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If Success were a Journey!


“If success is a journey, not a destination, then change is a process, not an event!”

Boy, if that isn’t the truth. So let’s take a look on how that applies to the simple small changes we can make to make a successful change.

Calories count!!! So take control of your portions and most importantly pay attention to the little “bites”!!
Physical Activity is a must!! It takes 60 minutes of cardio to maintain, 3-5 times a week and 90 minutes to weight loss! Get sweating!
Keep a journal! That spells accountability. Remember eating just 100 extra calories a day will cause a weight gain of 10 pounds in a year!
Focus on fruit, vary your veggies, get your calcium, go lean on protein and know limits on fats!!!

Don’t go on diets that you will eventually go off!
Have a plan! For breakfast, lunch and dinner! Especially breakfast, you need to eat it in order to lose weight! Let’s talk Green Smoothies soon!

I’m sure I could go on and on, but for now, focus on the small changes that will make for a successful change!

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  1. Cathy in Derby, KS says:

    I found you on BYU,Angel Network, last winter and have recorded almost all of your workouts. I am a 58 yr. old woman with a bad knee, who has always worked out off & on, but have been thru several years of difficult times and had added those middle age extra lbs. I have haven’t tried to do a fast weight lost but I have been consistent and have lost 22lbs (have 10 more to go :) and am feeling great. I love what you say about “moderation”. I wog 2.0 to 2.5 miles every other day & do your workouts on the other days. While I enjoy all your workouts, one of my favorite workouts is your strength & conditioning workout that aired on 10/12. It is a great all around workout. I haven’t seen many other of your workouts that are similar to this one, but would love too. I also enjoy the yoga workouts, I am amazed at your strength and flexibility! Wow! I have definitely become stronger and you are very good at describing how to breathe, position, etc. You have been a great inspiration for me during some very difficult times in my life. I didn’t have the $’s to join a fitness club, but decided it was something I did have control over with or without $’s and I could do it at home. I found your workouts on BYU and I got to work! I like your workouts because they are challenging but not insane workouts! Just so you know I meet you just about every other morning at 5:30 a.m. to workout. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks and God Bless!

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